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Safety, Security, Privacy

E-Mail and Internet Safety and Security Policy

H. R. Keller & Co. values the e-mail and internet safety and security of our producers and their insureds, as well as our employees and the staff of the insurers we represent. There are occasions when it is necessary for Keller & Co. to obtain e-mail addresses of our producers in order to send forms, quotations or other information.

It is our corporate policy not to share, sell or otherwise provide the e-mail address or identity of any of our producers to any unrelated party. Keller & Co.'s e-mail system is protected by network-wide anti-virus software, updated daily, to avoid any malicious intrusion or harvesting of our correspondents' e-mail addresses. Our company policy prohibits participation in chain letters and other schemes which could compromise e-mail security.

In return, we ask for our e-mail correspondents' best efforts to maintain current anti-virus protection, not include our company addresses in multiple "Copy To:" headings, and otherwise avoid releasing our employees' e-mail addresses for unsolicited commercial e-mail ("spam") purposes. It is our company policy to forward spam to the Federal Trade Commission's uce@ftc.gov reporting end enforcement system.

We appreciate your best efforts to help keep e-mail efficient and convenient for all users.

Privacy Principles - Our broker customers, insureds or prospective insureds

Keller & Co. does not sell or share our customer information with others for marketing or any

other purposes, whether those customers are insurance agents, brokers, their clients or their

prospective clients. We treat prospective and former customers, and the information we have

regarding them, the same as we do for current customers.

We educate our employees about safeguarding customer information and we reinforce our

policy to prevent the sharing or disclosure of customer information to parties not authorized

to receive customer information.

Customer information will only be provided to third parties in direct and necessary connection

with legitimate business needs. This includes but is not limited to the inspection of risks,

administration of claims or premium audits, conduct of loss prevention activities, loss

adjusting activity or submission to insurers or their program administrators for underwriting

or rating purposes.