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Keller Installment Premium Financing



Please visit the website www.kip-pay.com to make KIP payments by electronic check.

We can accept payments from any checking account drawn on a US Bank. 

Just follow the instructions on the website and the payment will be applied

to the insured's account on the following business day. We can accept

payment from the insured or your agency's checking account if the insured

paid you in cash.  To find an account you will need the account number, the

last 4 digits of the financed policy number and the insured's mailing

address ZIP code.  Insureds may access this feature directly.


You may also use the same website to simply inquire about the status of

any account. The inquiry will show the date the last payment was made,

the due date and amount of the next payment due and any outstanding

Notice of Intent or Notice of Cancellation.  Payment status is updated

daily at noon after applying any payments received by mail or by website.


Keller Installment Programs, Inc. now offers PAY BY PHONE:

Electronic Check Pay for financed accounts:

* from your agency

* from your insured

We can create an electronic check for payment, based on agency or insured banking information.



        Payment Solutions for Producers!